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Why Hire Us?

Keith knows that you have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing an attorney. However, Keith aims to provide a custom-tailored approach towards each client in a way that other attorneys might not be able to do.

First, Keith will ensure that all of your legal decisions are ‘cost-effective’ and that you are not needlessly spending money on additional costs and fees. The attorney should not be the party that financially benefits most from your legal issues.

Second, Keith does not believe that attorney-client meetings must always occur in his office. Keith has developed a range of meeting techniques to fit your schedule. These techniques include:

  • Weekend and evening appointments;

  • Skype or video conferencing;

  • Use of Google Docs and other software to remotely work on documents together.

Third, Keith understands that you might not be able to travel to his office to meet. Therefore, Keith offers a ‘mobile office’ where he will travel to you in order to work on your legal issues. We can meet at your home, a local coffee shop, or other appropriate meeting place to discuss your case. PLEASE NOTE that this service is subject to an additional travel fee beyond Keith's hourly rate for meeting outside of Yolo County.

Finally, Keith offers four different types of legal assistance in order to meet your budget requirements:

  1. Document Preparation: Some people only need assistance ensuring that their legal documents are properly prepared and filed and are comfortable representing themselves in court. Instead of paying a retainer or an hourly fee, Keith charges a simple FLAT FEE depending on the document you need help completing. With this option, Keith will ensure that all of your documents are complete and will be accepted by the court but will not be representing you in court and will not provide legal advice.

  2. Legal Counseling: This option is perfect for those parties who want to represent themselves but need advice on what to do. Instead of paying a retainer, you will only pay Keith’s hourly rate for the time you use (one hour minimum) to discuss your case. Keith can help complete your documents, develop strategies, and advise you on the legal ramifications of your choices before you step foot into the courtroom.

  3. Partial Representation: This option is designed for those people that might need a bit of help in the courtroom. Known in the legal world as ‘Limited Scope’, Keith can work with you on settling a specific legal issue and even appear in court with you to argue your case.

  4. Full Representation: This is the traditional form of legal representation whereby Keith will fully and completely represent you and your interests. Keith will handle all aspects of your legal issue, from correspondence with opposing counsel (or opposing party) to representation in court and work closely with you to develop legal strategies that meet your needs.


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