"Keith is not only a great attorney but a great communicator when it comes to complicated legal matters. He helped me understand the legal steps it takes to start a business and assisted in all the paperwork to get my company up and running. His genuine concern for his clients is refreshing and I would highly recommend using his services." ~Elizabeth  (Yelp review)


"If you happen to need a family law attorney in the Sacramento/Yolo county area, you should sincerely place a call to Mr. Bank's firm.

Mr. Banks has experience in a wide area of family law and divorce matters, steaming initially from his work in Granite Bay. Unlike many attorney's out there, Mr. Banks doesn't charge a giant retainer and prolong court hearings. Rather, he is a proponent of cost effective legal counsel, and a strong supporter of mediation and amicable solutions.

A family friend of ours went to him for a consult on her pending divorce, and was very impressed by how knowledgeable he was about the law and the judges at the various family law courts. He was also very patient and was able to explain complex legal terms and proceedings to her so she didn't feel out of the loop on what was happening in her case.

If you're looking for an attorney who will put your interests first and be a voice of reason and calm during a stressful situation, give Mr. Banks a try.
"   ~Elena (Yelp review)


"I HIGHLY recommend this law office. I was in a bad situation with a landlord and needed assistance. Keith helped me to get a better understanding of what to expect and look forward to and how to handle things legally. Happy that everything worked out. If ever I'm in this situation again, no questions asked, I know where to go. Thank you Keith Banks!!!"     ~Nesha (Yelp review)


"Keith was an absolute pleasure to work with!  I called him when my ex tried to change the child custody agreement we had after finalizing our divorce.  Keith patiently listened to my concerns and was able to answer all of my questions in a way that I could follow and understand.  Once I signed the contract, Keith immediately got to work.  He had my paperwork filed and was actually able to reach an agreement with the other attorney that kept us out of court!  He kept me fully informed and updated, answered all of my questions, and made sure that I was happy with the result.  If you are in need of any help with your divorce or family law case, I cannot recommend Keith enough.  You will not be disappointed!" ~Rebecca (Yelp review)


"Living in a college town like Davis, where there are lots of apartments and lots of turnover, makes it helpful to have someone you can ask about leases, tenant rights, landlords' rights, and the law. For me that person is Keith Banks. As a lawyer, one of his specialties is property law. And as a long-time resident of Davis, he's also been a student, renter, and landlord. Consequently, Mr. Banks has not only been able to answer my questions about the letter of the law, he's been able to share practical insights about how the rental business works. If you need advice about property law, I highly recommend getting in touch with Mr. Banks."  ~John (Yelp review)  


"When things get rough its hard to find someone dependable to help you in your time of need. If you are looking for that person, go to the Law Office of Keith Banks. Keith gave me solid information and legal advice that I failed to get from other lawyers I contacted in the Sacramento area. He is honest and gets straight to the point." ~Maurice (Yelp review)


"I used Keith Banks for my divorce issues and he was very helpful and understanding with the complexity of my case. I would recommend Keith Banks for legal issues. He's responses were prompt and we'll executed.  He accompanied me to court and stood by my side making sure I felt comfortable in which I feel was a very stressful situation."

~Shawana (Yelp review)

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